This page provides access to the public available reports which have been performed from the very beginning of the project. 

Project Management

Deliverable nº: 1.1 : Project Management and Quality Assurance Plan

Specifications and requirements of deep offshore floating structures hosting multiMW wind energy converters

Deliverable nº: 2.1 : Report on general regulation aspects

Deliverable nº: 2.2 : Requirements for the wind turbine

Deliverable nº: 2.3 : Requirements for the floating structure

Deliverable nº: 2.4 : Requirements for the integrating system

Deliverable nº: 2.5 : Report on general regulation aspects (Demo 2)

Deliverable n°: 2.7 : Requirements for the floating structure (Demo 2)

Design of large cost-efficient floating structures

Deliverable nº: 3.1 : Report on the requirements of the floating structure

Design of multi-MW wind energy converters

Deliverable nº: 4.1 : Report on the initial requirements for the WT

Manufacturing and installation

Deliverable nº: 5.1 : Floating structure and wind turbine transportation procedure

Operation and testing

Deliverable nº: 6.1 : Data Monitoring Concept Report

Environnemental impact analysis

Deliverable nº: 7.1 : Review of Environmental Impact Assessment

Deliverable nº: 7.2 : Review of international Best Practice

Deliverable nº: 7.3 : Compilation of environmental comparison criteria

Deliverable nº: 7.4 : Compilation of environmental regulations and obligations

Deliverable nº: 7.5 : Environmental Management Plan

Dissemination and Exploitation

Deliverable n° 8.2 : Dissemination material and templates

Deliverable nº: 8.3 : Dissemination Plan

Deliverable n° 8.4 : Dissemination Plan

Deliverable nº: 8.5 : Dissemination material and templates

Deliverable n° 8.6 :Dissemination Plan

Deliverable nº: 8.7 : Dissemination plan

Deliverable nº: 8.10 : Communication and audiovisual material